"At this moment I’m a prisoner. But this does not define me. Being a prisoner, I still got the opportunity to open my doors for God to show me that he is unjudging, kind and most of all, forgiving. It’s because of Alpha that I am willing to pursue my faith in God further."


"I was a bit sceptical about starting Alpha cause I’ve never really believed in anything other than what is right in front of me. I have now let the Holy Spirit into my life and if it wasn’t for Alpha I never would have considered it. I am wanting to change my life and Alpha has given me the motivation to do so!"


"When I first started Alpha I didn’t really know how to feel. I wouldn’t have said I was much of a believer but then again, I really didn't understand what it was like to believe in something. Alpha has taught me that I can do bigger and greater things and that if I let God in, I can have a better life."


"I’ve learned how to be more patient, more kind, more loving and humble. All this is due to the fact that I participated in Alpha".


"Alpha made me realise I am not alone in life. Jesus forgives all of us, we just have to open our lives and let Him in. He offers us a life of love and faithfulness."

Bobbie Le

"I’m on a journey to seek God and Alpha is helping me do that."

Women who attended alpha in prison were asked 'what does alpha mean to me?'...

Our first Alpha weekend was a country getaway...complete with a car that had to be towed back to Sydney (2.5 hrs), sheep escaping their paddock and a leader breaking their wrist that required a trip in an ambulance! 


After the green whistle and a quick trip to the hospital we came back and led the other 2 Alpha weekend sessions. 


But despite all that it was an amazing weekend and the dramas just cemented the group even more!

We had to switch at the last minute to running the Alpha Weekend online, so we decided to surprise our guests with a box of Daniel’s Donuts each! Well, that was the plan…


On the day, our own donut delivery had arrived, & I’d excitedly notified all our guests to prepare for their own surprise delivery any minute… But, as the Uber drivers kept arriving at our place, it became apparent that none of our Alpha guests was going to be getting a donut delivery that day at all! And we were going to have to do something with 8 boxes (or a total of 48) of Daniel’s Donuts!!


Long story short, my plan for a family donut party, was trumped by my husband’s plan for a neighbourhood donut delivery, & great was the rejoicing as we went from door to door!! And who knows? Maybe some of these neighbours will be some of our guests on our next Alpha!!

"And we were going to have to do something with 8 boxes (or a total of 48) of Daniel’s Donuts!!"

"It was gradual but so natural to discuss, to listen, to grow in connection through this program which helped break down each participant's walls in unique ways. By the end, WE had formed some beautiful friendships with people and have been able to hear some amazing stories along the way."

"Having reached my mid 60’s, I can honestly say that Alpha is the first time I have had conversations about religion.


Alpha has been a very worthwhile experience for me and has given me insight and understanding into who the Holy Spirit is. During the weekend away I really felt a sense that the Holy Spirit is my companion and is helping me through some rough patches with life.


For a short commitment of time each week I have gained so much."

"In 2014, on my 50th birthday, my father died after a long illness in which he suffered a lot. I wasn’t Christian. In fact, I could be considered anti-Christian, but after this experience I decided that I needed to find out more about God and Jesus. 


One day I was driving and I saw a large cross at the top of the hill and thought to myself; ‘that’s the church my mum used to go to.’ So I pulled in, parked and went inside.


Martin, the pastor, greeted me and invited me to Alpha. I attended the Alpha and there I found something that I’d been looking for, for a long, long time. I have never looked back since that first meeting."

Located in the most locked down city in the world, Crossway's Cantonese ministry recognised the uniqueness of this challenging season, and since June last year, the team has run four rounds of the Alpha. 


From these small beginnings, each round of Alpha saw 50-80 people joining together to explore life's deeper questions over a series of online sessions. In each meeting we started with joy and finished with amazement and thanks as the Spirit called upon people to know and accept Jesus.


The internet has helped us a lot in fulfilling God’s great commission. We've welcomed participants from worldwide locations, including UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland and even African Uganda, and celebrated first time commitments to Jesus, online baptisms and new fellowship. God will flourish us amid our suffering. 

 "We have seen the Lord powerfully reach many men, and some men have had profound transformations. This is one of the most awesome experiences in my life!"

Mark, Peter, Bernie & Ann are now on their twentieth alpha at acacia mens prison and have reached about 320 men so far.

We had invited a couple of families who attend the Church playgroup to come to our Alpha and they did! We made it child friendly, and enjoyed a multi-cultural and intergenerational group. At the celebration dinner they all spoke of the welcome and love they experienced. We have been praying for growth and connection to families in our Church and see this as an answer to prayer. We are greatly encouraged to see what God is doing. 

 "Alpha has changed me. I have been looking for God and His Will for me and we have found each other again (He has found me)."

Guest attended Alpha Online with Archbishop Christopher Prowse & the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn

"I have to say that I went into Alpha with some trepidation not knowing quite what to expect. Now after having just completed it, I wish I had done it so much sooner!"

Kate attended Alpha at St Nicholas Australind

"Can I encourage anyone that has only small numbers to still go for it as every person is worth it, we are called to love who God loves and that is the people you have. Big group or one on one, a life changed is totally worth it. We are getting ready for our next Alpha and cannot wait to see what God does."

neil runs alpha at Lifepointe Baptist Church

 "On the last week of Alpha, one of the guests shared how he didn't have any siblings or cousins. He realised on that night that 'this is what family must be like.’ It felt like a wonderful big family sharing a meal together - he'd never known that feeling."

Janice runs alpha at Harbourside Church

"I must admit, I entered Alpha with some apprehension considering that it would be done in the isolation of our own homes, online! These fears soon dissipated with the warmth of the people involved. Initial trembling turned to an incredible inner warmth and peace."

Rick attended alpha at St Nicholas Australind

"Alpha has blessed us in so many ways. The restrictions brought about by the pandemic have imposed many challenges but our parish community and Alpha leaders navigated the obstacles and were champions in adapting their delivery of the program. It was a great opportunity to learn from and listen to parish members outside of my circle."

JOBELLE RUNS ALPHA AT St. Brendan's Parish, Shepparton

"Every time we run Alpha experience the work of the Holy Spirit"


"During lockdown in Sydney God clearly spoke to me and said "I want you to prioritise your people over your programs". We were worried about doing Alpha online intially, but have had many people say that they were able to do it online but couldn't have done it in person.!"

dave runs alpha at Hawkesbury Valley Baptist Church

Just wanted to encourage other churches to invest in Alpha. It has been our church’s major outreach program and pretty much all our (conversion) growth has come from people doing Alpha, attending the weekend away, meeting Jesus, getting baptised and then putting into practice their gifting. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Andrew runs alpha at Lifepoint Baptist church

The change over the weeks, as always, was wonderful to witness and be a small part of as the Gospel message of love, hope and forgiveness made its way into their lives. At first, J was surprised that so many Scientists and well-educated people took the Bible and Jesus so seriously. L commented that she'd never heard about the hope and forgiveness messages rife throughout the Bible. She'd only ever heard about Christianity's judgement before.


During the Holy Spirit weekend, J pulled me aside after one of the sessions and said, 'I never wanted to go this far with all of this, I just wanted to see why my daughter liked it all so much.' 


This is our 4th year running Alpha and Jesus has blessed it again. I don't know why it keeps surprising me, but it does. God is good.

"Sia felt that she was always chasing something. Through Alpha, she began to learn that a relationship with God doesn’t require her to run or climb, that through Jesus, God could reside within her. Whilst she will always love running, Sia has found she is no longer chasing. Looking back over her life so far, she sees God was pursuing her in love the entire time."

Jasmine ran alpha at life church

“I love you guys so so much! Like I can’t put into words how amazing this experience has been. I just find it so amazing that we were complete strangers and I think now it’s safe to say that we’ve become good friends. Being in this group has built my confidence in not being afraid to speak up and share my thoughts and helped me open up to God. I will never forget these moments! I appreciate everything!”

guest attended alpha at the dioscese of wollongong 

"I never had a relationship with Jesus before Alpha. Since joining Alpha, my faith went from being non-existent to very much developing. The weekly get-togethers were something I looked forward to, to communicate openly in an environment where we may disagree but held no judgement. I know that as I continue to be a part of the Catholic family, my relationship with Jesus will only grow."

Guest attended Alpha at Padre Pio Catholic Parish



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"We run Alpha for people in our retirement village. The ages range from 70 to 98 and they are loving it. Nicky Gumbel’s messages have opened their eyes to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross."

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THE DIOCESE OF WOLLONGONG RAN ALPHA YOUTH with young people in their community

The Newman Catholic Society ran alpha for students at the university of queensland

Frank and Meryl ran alpha for people in their retirement village


Mary attended alpha with Uniting Church Warwick


MANDY Ran ALPHA ONLINE WITH Syndal Baptist Church

Alpha in prisons

Ian attended Alpha at Diamond Valley Baptist Church

Anni ran alpha online with crossway baptist

ruth ran alpha at St Luke's Anglican Church, Taroona

Leigh runs alpha at Bundaberg Baptist Church

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