"At this moment I’m a prisoner. But this does not define me. Being a prisoner, I still got the opportunity to open my doors for God to show me that he is unjudging, kind and most of all, forgiving. It’s because of Alpha that I am willing to pursue my faith in God further."


"I was a bit sceptical about starting Alpha cause I’ve never really believed in anything other than what is right in front of me. I have now let the Holy Spirit into my life and if it wasn’t for Alpha I never would have considered it. I am wanting to change my life and Alpha has given me the motivation to do so!"


"When I first started Alpha I didn’t really know how to feel. I wouldn’t have said I was much of a believer but then again, I really didn't understand what it was like to believe in something. Alpha has taught me that I can do bigger and greater things and that if I let God in, I can have a better life."


"I’ve learned how to be more patient, more kind, more loving and humble. All this is due to the fact that I participated in Alpha".


"Alpha made me realise I am not alone in life. Jesus forgives all of us, we just have to open our lives and let Him in. He offers us a life of love and faithfulness."

Bobbie Le

"I’m on a journey to seek God and Alpha is helping me do that."

Women who attended alpha in prison were asked 'what does alpha mean to me?'...

Our first Alpha weekend was a country getaway...complete with a car that had to be towed back to Sydney (2.5 hrs), sheep escaping their paddock and a leader breaking their wrist that required a trip in an ambulance! 


After the green whistle and a quick trip to the hospital we came back and led the other 2 Alpha weekend sessions. 


But despite all that it was an amazing weekend and the dramas just cemented the group even more!

We had to switch at the last minute to running the Alpha Weekend online, so we decided to surprise our guests with a box of Daniel’s Donuts each! Well, that was the plan…


On the day, our own donut delivery had arrived, & I’d excitedly notified all our guests to prepare for their own surprise delivery any minute… But, as the Uber drivers kept arriving at our place, it became apparent that none of our Alpha guests was going to be getting a donut delivery that day at all! And we were going to have to do something with 8 boxes (or a total of 48) of Daniel’s Donuts!!


Long story short, my plan for a family donut party, was trumped by my husband’s plan for a neighbourhood donut delivery, & great was the rejoicing as we went from door to door!! And who knows? Maybe some of these neighbours will be some of our guests on our next Alpha!!

"And we were going to have to do something with 8 boxes (or a total of 48) of Daniel’s Donuts!!"