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Alpha Youth

We witnessed record growth in Alpha Youth participants and Alphas, with over 36,000 Aussie teenagers exploring faith through Alpha Youth. We continue to find and leverage opportunities with new Australian content, Alpha Youth led by young people, and the digital space. 


Alpha in Schools

The last 12 months have reaffirmed our belief that there is great opportunity and need to deliver the gospel message in an effective way, and at scale, to young people within schools. Alpha Youth provides the tools and training for young people to run the program themselves, hosting faith conversations with their peers.


Emerging Leaders

Alpha Emerging Leaders exists to empower emerging church leaders for evangelisation and prepare the next generation of Australian leaders for the future, through connection, prayer and encouragement.


A Year in Review

At Alpha, our response to Matthew 28:19, 'Therefore go and make disciples of all nations' is to encourage and equip the Church of Australia to make Jesus' last command our first priority.  Read about the 78,870 people who tried Alpha in 2021, the 1,455 churches and organisations that participated, and our strategy to serve the church and its leaders. 


Alpha in a Catholic Context

 Alpha is now recognised worldwide in the Catholic context as one of the most effective tools for evangelisation, and we continue to see the role Alpha is playing in the renovation and revitalisation of the Catholic Church in Australia. 


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Thank you to every Minister, Leader, Donor, Host, Helper, Prayer, Inviter, Encourager, Tech Support, Administrator, Volunteer and Guest

Above all, all glory, honour and thank you to God

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Alpha Australia

21/22 Impact Report

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